Buying a DVD player or recorder


Of course, there are also DVD recorders that will record as well as play movies. In Brief Component DVD players are generally inexpensive, however there are differences. Most DVD players will play most commercially-made DVDs and CDs without problem. The players that cost more will usually do a better job with less-than-perfect discs.

Look for a progressive scan DVD player – which most all of them are – for the best image quality. If you are hooking it up to a home theater system, make sure it supports multiple sound channels and not just stereo. DVD recorders cost quite a bit more than players. A recorder acts like a VCR allowing you to record television programs and home movies.

Portable DVD Players

Portable DVD players generally have 7" to 9" screens, and weigh only about 2.5 to 3 pounds. Many of them come with both an AC power adapter for recharging and a cigarette lighter plug for playing in the car. Expect to use headphones for decent sound quality. Some players come with dual headphone jacks so two people can listen at once. Otherwise you would need to get a splitter so you can plug two sets of headphones into one jack.More Detail

Progressive Scan The type of scan determines how the picture is generated on the screen. A standard broadcast television picture is an interlaced scan that paints every other line of the picture on each pass down the screen. The alternate lines are painted on the second pass, and so forth.  Progressive scanning paints every line on each pass, producing a better picture, especially where rapid motion is involved. The Various Formats Unfortunately, there is a whole list of different formats that DVD players may or may not support.

These include audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD Audio, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, SACD, VCD (Video CD). If you only want to play movies from commercially made DVDs, you needn't concern yourself with the list. But if you have specific needs to exchange discs with others who may record them, you will want to make sure you get a player that supports the right format(s). Also, if you plan to record (burn) your own discs and provide them to others, that compatibility is important as well.

If you plan to save movies from your camcorder onto DVDs, make sure you get a DVD recorder that has the same type of connection that your camcorder does.Play Music TooAs you can see from the list of formats, many DVD players play music CDs as well. This eliminates the need for a separate CD player as part of your home audio or home entertainment system. In that case, you might want to get a DVD changer that will hold more than one disc at a time.A Note About VCR/DVD Combos.

If you have favorite video tapes that you still want to be able to play, but want to be able to play DVDs as well, you may want a combination VCR/DVD player. One note of caution, though: if you thought your VCR was difficult to understand, combination units are twice as complex. And unfortunately, the user interface on many of them is not as well thought out and refined as it should be, and the remote control has LOTS of buttons on it. Just playing video tapes and DVDs shouldn't be very complicated, though.

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