Why is YouTube so Popular?

If you are streaming, uploading, or sharing videos online, YouTube can make it happen in a jiffy! Besides, with an immensely wide user base, you are assured of optimum exposure! However, YouTube wasn’t always as popular an entity as it is now.

So what made it a household name? Why is YouTube so popular? What makes it tick? What could be the benefits of YouTube that have helped it to achieve the Numero Uno slot? These are certainly some questions worth asking.What are the Benefits of YouTube?

Some of the most distinct benefits of YouTube, and the major reasons behind its phenomenal success.

1. First of all, it’s free! You need not subscribe or apply for membership or commit patronage, in order to share videos, stream or even view them! And most net users get easily hooked onto platforms that do not require payment! Besides, when it’s free, there is no liability at all! You can use as much as you please and upload videos to your heart’s content. This is what probably makes YouTube one of the most preferred platforms online.

2. Second, it’s delightfully easy to use! There are no hassles or technical jargons involved in understanding the operations. Google has taken concrete efforts so that YouTube appeals as much to the seasoned net surfer as it does to the young novice who simply wants to listen to some of his favorite songs! Lack of functional complication makes YouTube a preferred choice for one and all.

3. Furthermore, there is very minimal restriction to the type of videos accepted by YouTube for upload. Almost all types of videos can be uploaded and viewed, providing it with a universal quality from the user’s point of view.

4. Thanks to its mammoth user base, YouTube has an immense storehouse of video uploads to choose from. So, when you are looking for something in particular, chances are good that you will find it on YouTube. Therefore, it’s a rewarding experience visiting the platform. YouTube brings your favorite videos to your fingertips.

5. The video quality could be one of the other more important reasons for the popularity of YouTube. It delivers high resolution videos of acceptable quality for its users to enjoy their favorite movie clips or songs. Besides, it also operates on a relatively low footprint bandwidth. Which means, when you download songs or videos on YouTube, it won’t consume too much of your broadband space!

6. Finally, YouTube also offers a profit sharing plan to users who upload videos that become popular over time. Usually, profit sharing is offered once the video receives over 20,000 hits or above! This is one more reason that’s making YouTube one of the most popular and preferred platforms online.Knowing Your AudienceCome to think of it, the answers to questions like why is YouTube so popular? Or what makes it unique, are quite simple. Objectively put, they have kept it simple, convenient, and cost effective in a bid to garner continual popularity.

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