10 Best Educational Apps for Kids

Android market is loaded with millions of apps, and discovering a quality app might be a tiresome and frustrating process. In the education category alone, there are more than 4,000 free apps available for download. There are numerous Android apps available for kids; here is the best Android apps for kids.


This is a fun and useful educational android app, designed mainly for older kids. Using this app, kids can schedule homework, plan for exams, set reminders and utilize their time more efficiently. Though it works on all android devices, HomeWork works best on tablets, supports all screen angles, and is extremely easy to use.

iStory Books

It is a useful entertaining app for kids. This amazing app contains more than 10 free books with pictures, voice-over, as well as alternative languages.

AniWorld Lite

This android app is designed for one- to five-year old kids, who will be able to learn about different animals. AniWorld Lite has an amazing feature called “Hey, pet me”, which gives kids a chance to pet animals.

Ant Smasher

Smash ants using your finger without hurting the bees in this great game! It is a truly entertaining and addictive app for both kids as well as  adults. Well it's not recommended for kids under the age of 10.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

This interactive and educational app helps kids learn counting tricks, matching letters and solve digital jigsaw puzzles. It also offers animated stickers as reward after completion of various fun games.Kids Numbers and Math – This smart app helps your kids learn the basics of numbers. It is highly entertaining and kids can easily learn numbers with the help of various exercises available in this app. The paid version of Kids Numbers and Math allows more customization; however, free version is also quite useful for learning numbers in a fun way.

How To Make Paper Airplanes

If you think making paper airplane is great fun, you will definitely know why kids love this app. It is a waste of time making a great paper airplane if it doesn’t fly the way you want it to fly. This app offers instructions to help your children’s creations fly high in no time.Classic Simon – This fun gaming android app is very popular among all ages. This app is quite challenging, entertaining and great for building memory skills among kids.

Steamy Window

Children love writing or making images on steamy windows of a car. Now Steamy Window lets them do just that, on a smartphone or tablet.0-10 Numbers Baby Flash Cards – This android app provides great fun for kids. Numbers Flash cards help kids learn numbers with the practice and the quiz modes.

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